How To Sleep Better In Hotels


25 Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep in a Hotel Room

Published by Rob Colton

Sleeping well in hotel rooms is really about knowledge more than anything else. Here’s 25 top tips to help you feel rested and fresh when you spend the night in a hotel.

1. Use Bulldog Clips to Clip Curtains Together

Sometimes curtains can peek apart and a little light can creep in from streetlights. Pack a few bulldog clips in your case and simply clip the curtains together to keep your room darker.

2. Take Your Own Pillow

If you struggle to sleep in hotels, there’s no shame in taking your own pillow with you. You’ll sleep much more soundly so who cares what anyone else thinks!

3. Your Bed is For Sleeping Only

You might need to do some work or you just want to watch TV. That’s fine, but if possible sit on a chair or sofa in your room. When your bed is only for sleeping, you’re likely to nod off much faster.

4. Have a Warm Bath or Shower

What is more relaxing than a warm bath or shower? Try it before heading into bed and you should find it easier to fall asleep.


5. Use White Noise to Block Distractions

White noise machines and apps help your brain to focus and block out any background noises, helping you to drift off to sleep much easier.

6. Don’t Throw Away Your Routine

Your circadian rhythm (body clock) relies on routine, even when you’re away.

If you can’t sleep when you stay in a hotel room, make sure you go to bed at the same time as normal and wake up at the same time. Routine is key!

7. Ask For Twin Beds

To sleep better while travelling with a friend, don’t share a bed if you can avoid it – you’ll only disturb each other. Ask for twin beds when booking and you’ll both sleep much better.

8. Avoid Heavy Meals Before Bed

You might want to enjoy the hotel restaurant but do it several hours before bed. Eating a heavy meal just before you sleep will leave you tossing and turning.

9. Pass on The View For a Back Room

If the hotel is low rise, you could ask for a room at the back. Sure, the view won’t be as good, but you’ll sleep much better.

Why? Because back rooms are usually away from the road and much more chilled out.

10. Keep Your Evenings Relaxed

When you’re away from your home, it can be tempting to make the most of your time. Holidays are all about fun activities and enjoying yourself, but try to keep your evenings a little more relaxed if possible if you’re anxious about sleeping in hotels.

In the same way that children are encouraged to wind down as bedtime approaches, this same principal works well for adults.

11. Choose a Higher Room

Rooms on higher floors are often quieter and have fewer distractions. When booking, ask for a higher room away from street level, bar, restaurant or the reception area.

12. Avoid Using Your Phone Before Bed

It’s easy to lay in bed and scroll through social media, but this should be avoided if possible. The blue light emitted by your phone could be messing with your body clock.

Put your phone away and read a book instead.


13. Pack Some Earplugs

Sometimes, no matter how well you choose your room, you’ll have a noisy neighbour – one of the main reasons people say they can’t sleep in hotel rooms!

Pack a pair of earplugs and you’re golden. You may wish to try out some different ear plugs in advance as there are a few types to choose from.

14. Spray The Room to Make it Familiar

Sometimes the scent from cleaning products can be overwhelming. To make your room feel more homely and counteract that issue, bring your own linen spray.

Spritz the room and you’ll feel at home!

15. Stay Away From Lifts

Lifts can be noisy. If your room is right next to one and you’re a light sleeper, you’re likely to be disturbed.

It may not always be possible, but it’s worth asking your hotel if you can be given a room away from any lifts.

16. Avoid Overindulging on Alcohol Before Bed

You’re staying in a hotel, so you might want to have a drink or two. Right?

But if you drink before bed, you’re more likely to wake up and struggle to get back to sleep. Try to avoid alcohol if you can. And if not, drink several hours before you’re intending to sleep.

17. Try a Warm Drink Instead

It may not be as exciting, but a warm, non-caffeinated drink before bed will help you relax and sleep.

Try chamomile tea for a total chillout.

18. Try Lavender Essential Oils

A lavender pillow spray or a lavender balm could help you to relax and chill out enough to fall asleep, even in unfamiliar surroundings.

Just a little on your inner wrists and you’re good to go.

Lavender Oils

19. Ask For a Room Halfway Down The Hall

When you can’t sleep in hotel rooms, you have to be wise with your room choice! Ask for a room halfway down the hall, away from laundry and cleaning cupboards. These are typically the quietest rooms in the property.

20. Change The Room Temperature

Studies have shown that most people sleep best between 16-19c. Adjust the temperature of the room and you’ll be more comfortable while you’re snoozing.

Being too hot or too cold is not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

21. Silence Your Phone

You don’t need your phone dinging every ten seconds throughout the night, the smallest thing could wake you up. Turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode.

Just a little on your inner wrists and you’re good to go.

22. Deep Breathing Could Help You Nod Off

Deep breathing exercises can help you to relax. And when you feel relaxed, it’s far easier to sleep.

Many people who can’t sleep in hotel rooms find deep breathing does the trick. Give it a try!

23. Try Counting Backwards

The whole counting sheep deal doesn’t really work – you just become preoccupied with sheep. But, try counting back from 300 – it works for many people, and maybe even you!

24. Set Two Alarms

If you’re someone who worries about oversleeping, be it for checkout or a meeting, set two alarms. That way, you’ll worry less and you may find it easier to sleep.

25. Keep a Notebook by The Side of Your Bed

Do you often wake up, remember something you need to do, and then don’t sleep in case you forget?

Keep a notebook and pen at the side of the bed, scribble it down, and forget until you wake up.

Your Comfort is our Priority

The Rose And Crown Hotel
You’d be surprised at the number of guests we speak to who have trouble sleeping in hotel rooms.

Here at The Rose And Crown Hotel Colchester, we’re keen to help you feel as rested as possible.

If you need anything at the booking stage, before you arrive, or during your stay, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll do everything we can.

After all, we want your stay in our hotel to feel like a night in your own home.


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