A rustic refuge from real life



Our Tudor bar may have retained its 14th century charm. But when it comes to enjoying a drink in the present day, our selection definitely isn’t stuck in the past. With an eclectic range of chilled beers and ales on tap. Wines cherry-picked from around the world. And an impressive collection of premium spirits, liquors and mixers. Our historic hotel is the perfect destination to enjoy a casual drink among friends. Or cosy up with someone special.

The Secret Garden

Welcome to Colchester’s best kept secret! Perfect for long lazy lunches or enjoying a crisp glass of something cold in the glorious sunshine. From the beautifully manicured lawn, to the stunning olive trees, which make you feel as though you have escaped to the Mediterranean – it is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Not only do the wines we offer complement the dishes on our Brasserie menu perfectly. They’re also ideal for drinking in our Tudor bar too. From young and fruity Tempranillos to intense and fragrant Pinots, Chablis and Sancerres. Our selection caters for all palettes – and all occasions.

Wine list