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Kickoff With Your Best Foot Forward

Published by Harj Grewal

A new year is the perfect time for businesses and organisations to take stock, reflect on last year’s sales, and set some targets for the year ahead. So now that the Christmas email backlog has finally cleared and the January sun seekers are back in the office- it’s a great time for a kick off meeting.

Kickoff meetings of this nature are common in all the big FTSE 100 companies. But if, unlike Google, LinkedIn or Facebook, you’re unable to airlift your entire team overseas for the occasion, at The Rose & Crown Colchester we’ve got everything you need to ensure your company kickoff plays out perfectly!


What Actually Is A Kickoff Meeting?

A kickoff meeting is an American concept that overtime has become adopted in UK businesses. It’s a chance for teams to get together at the start of something new. Be that a calendar or financial year, a project or similar. The name kickoff itself has been adopted from football, where the “kick off” is the first touch of the ball that signifies the start of the game.

The Ingredients Of A Perfect Kickoff

After the perfect kickoff every attendee should be clear on their objectives and feel energized to get going with the task at hand.

Here’s 3 ways to make sure your New Year Kickoff is a successful one:

Host The Meeting Away From The Office

A neutral meeting is perfect for getting the creative juices flowing and conducive to brainstorming with blue-sky thinking.

Use Visual Aids To Map Out Your Ideas

Having technology to hand is a must. Using visual rich presentations projected for the entire team to see will make your kickoff more productive.

Keep The Food And Drink Flowing

Our brains use 20% of the body’s total energy, so keeping hydrated as well as well fed will ensure that everyone keeps focussed and alert at all times.


We Offer Two Great Meeting Rooms On Site

At the Rose & Crown we have two dedicated conference rooms, kitted out with the latest technology, and perfect for hosting corporate kickoffs away from the office.

We also offer delegate packages with breakfast, lunch and dinner catering. As well as the option of an overnight stay in one of our 39 on site hotel rooms too. All just minutes walk from Colchester Train Station.

So before you plan your 2018 team kickoff take a look at how we can help. Find about more about our “>meeting rooms, costs, equipment, and group numbers we can accommodate.

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